Buy Art That Makes You Feel.

Buy Art That Makes You Feel:

The UppstArt Advantage

Buy Art Online


Sell Your Art Whenever You Want

Sell the artwork you purchase on UppstArt at any time, to anybody, for any price. UppstArt makes it easy to find a new home for art that you no longer resonate with.

Buy Art That Holds Its Value

The provenance of artwork you purchase on UppstArt will be forever recorded on the blockchain. This means you will not need to rely on an easily-faked paper certificate of authenticity when you want to re-sell your art.


Save Money​

Our collectors have the option to pay in Ether (a type of cryptocurrency) to avoid high credit card and payment processing fees. This allows us to offer a discount to you for purchases made in Ether.


7 Day Risk Free Returns

Return artwork within 7 days of receiving it and you will receive your money back in full. We want to ensure you love your artwork!


Artwork That’s Ready to Hang


Simply find art you love, receive it via courier and hang it on your wall. Its that easy! All of our artwork comes ready to hang unless otherwise indicated.


Free Shipping!

We offer free shipping anywhere in the United States or Canada. No more hidden costs. The price that you see is the price you get!